Live Streaming isn't just about who's on screen

Streamline is the first in a new genre of Stream-first games that uses live streaming as a platform and pushes the frontier of audience interaction.
The perfect game for broadcasters and their viewers

Streamline’s party system is integrated with Twitch, so Broadcasters can get back to making exciting content. It is the perfect Subscriber Sunday or Follow Friday game, designed specifically to build communities.

A vastly improved interactive viewer experience

Until now, including the viewer in the game has been through chat. Streamline provides viewers with a controller so they can bet on players, vote to change the rules of the game, and compete in games against other viewers.

Built with the unique dynamic of live streaming in mind

Specific game modes, like Elimination, and rule changes like “Sandstorm” and “Moon Boots,” are not only fun for the Broadcaster and the Players, but creates exciting and dynamic content for Viewers.

A fast-paced, third person multiplayer action game

Players move fluidly through the bright, urban arenas, battling it out with with other Players and Broadcasters in a series of interesting and innovative game modes.

What's Streamline gameplay like?

Check out the announcement trailer for a look at the Elimination gameplay!

How is it played?

Well, that depends on who you are! Here's how the Elimination game mode works (more are in development).
The Elimination game mode has three player types: The Hunter, the Runners, and the Viewers.

The Hunter

Broadcasters are the hub of Streamline: they create the party, stream the content, and set the pace of gameplay. In Elimination Mode, the broadcaster is the “Hunter” and the only player with a weapon in a cat and mouse style game. The objective is to eliminate all other players as quickly as possible.

The Runners

There are up to 15 players selected by the Broadcaster and they are “Runners” in this mode. They do not have a weapon but they can stun the Hunter and all the other Runners. Their objective is to score as many points as possible by collecting them, getting bonuses for stunts, or stealing them from other players.

The Viewers

Viewers don't just watch Streamline—they have a direct impact on the game and compete against the other viewers. Using the Streamote through a browser on any device, the Viewers can ratchet up the pressure by voting for one of a selection of rule changes that might, for example, turn the floor to lava, or force the players to walk sideways like a crab for a period of time. They also lay bets on which Runner will clock up the most points and even play bingo against other Viewers.


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Streamline is currently pre-alpha and under (very) active development. We're still working with broadcasters, players, and viewers to make it awesome. To stay updated on press or if you've just got questions, shoot us an email at


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