Streamline in booth #11065 at PAX East!

Streamline at PAX East 2016

Streamline has a booth at PAX East 2016!

The Proletariat Inc. team will be demoing Streamline in booth #11065 of the expo hall each day of PAX East 2016 (April 22-24) from 10:00AM–6:00PM ET!

Streamline and Streamote Demo Stations

We’re going to have a bunch of PCs set up so Players can experience what a full-on Streamline match is like! There will also be an area for Viewers to get hands-on with Streamote, the browser-based controller that enables Twitch audiences to have an unprecedented level of interaction with the game. Streamline players and Streamote viewers will get a firsthand look at how their actions impact each other throughout gameplay.

Broadcaster station

There will also be a station set up for Broadcasters to play as the game’s Hunter and get a look at how the Twitch-integrated party/lobby system works to make setting up a live-streamed multiplayer game easier and more robust than traditional systems. We’re taking reservations for Broadcasters to come by the booth for a full demo, so be sure to reserve a slot soon before they fill up. Even if you don’t have time to do the full demo, you should come by the booth so you can get a taste of what the game is like and we can chat about the future of Stream First games.

If you’re interested in broadcasting Streamline and can’t make it to the booth or PAX East, fill out our Broadcaster form and we’ll contact you soon to arrange a play test with your community.

Streamline swag

Everyone who plays Streamline at PAX East will get a limited edition Streamline pin and Broadcasters who drop by for a demo will get even more cool Streamline swag. AWESOME!

Where to find the Streamline booth

If you are coming down the main stairs/escalators into the expo hall, our booth (#11065) is one of the first booths along the hall’s long wall on the right. Other big booths near us include Twitch, 2K Games, and Bethesda, so if you see them, you’re getting close! Check out the map below to see exactly where to find us.

We’re incredibly excited to do the first full-on demo of Streamline for the public at PAX East. Looking forward to seeing everyone there and showing the world what Stream First gaming is all about!

PAX East expo hall Streamline 11065


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