Streamline is entering closed beta! Broadcaster early access hype!

The Streamline closed beta has been announced! This is huge news for both the game’s development and for the hundreds of Twitch streamers who have already signed up for broadcaster early access to host matches with their communities. We held a special announcement live stream on Monday to share the great news with our community and our Twitch broadcaster friends—check out the VOD if you want to hear about everything straight from our team and see some great gameplay!

So what’s the news?

Two major things were announced on the live stream and both are really exciting for broadcasters, players, and viewers alike.

The Streamline closed beta is tentatively slated to drop later this week

That’s right, development is moving swiftly and we’re about to transition Streamline from alpha to a closed beta! This new version of the game will feature a brand new map, a rewards and leveling system, the ability to choose who the Hunter will be, and a Runner radar. These are major enhancements to Streamline, so we’re really excited to get more of you testing it out!

Which brings us to the second announcement…

The Streamline closed beta will include much wider early access for broadcasters

Are you a Twitch broadcaster who has signed up for Streamline early access and is still waiting to hear from us about when you’ll get the opportunity to host matches and play with your community? You’re in luck! We’re vastly expanding the broadcaster early access program!

Up until now, we’ve been giving out access to the game and hosting privileges to only a select few streamers, since we were still in the early stages of building out the game’s servers. Now, we’ll be inviting hundreds more of you to join us in trying out the beta and we’ll be providing you with Steam keys so you can play with your communities!

But wait, there’s more! Since we’ve done a ton of development on our servers, we’re also going to start allowing whitelisted broadcasters to host matches whenever they want to! No more needing to contact us to schedule a Streamline broadcast and no more worrying about too many broadcasts happening at one time. The backend is prepped, and we’re ready to run your matches when you’re ready to host them. Have fun with your 2:00 a.m. Streamline sessions!

Know any broadcasters who should play Streamline?

Maybe you or a friend (or your favorite streamer)? Let them know they can get on the Streamline broadcaster early access list!

More details coming soon!

In the coming week, we’ll be releasing the first iteration of the closed beta version of Streamline. Once that’s available, we’ll post another entry here on the Streamline website that goes into full detail about all of the new content and features that broadcasters, players, and viewers will experience.

We’ll also be sending hundreds of emails out to streamers who have signed up for early broadcaster access. These emails will provide details regarding how they can get Streamline download keys for themselves and their communities and also get match hosting privileges so they can start doing broadcasts with the game.

We can’t believe that we’re already at this point with the game…it’s been an amazing year of development and we’re already taking another huge step toward the public release. Everyone who has played the game and given us feedback so far deserves a huge THANK YOU. Without all of you, creating a truly engaging Stream First game would be impossible.

More to come very, very soon!

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