The Streamline closed beta is here!


What alpha? The Streamline closed beta is here! As we announced earlier this week, this is a huge milestone for the game and for the community of broadcasters, players, and viewers on Twitch who have been eagerly anticipating more Stream First gaming!

Greatly expanded broadcaster access

Before we dive into the improvements we’ve made to Streamline and Streamote, we want to give all of the broadcasters who are dying to play with your communities some great news…a lot more of you are going to get access soon and everyone who does will get to play a lot more!

More broadcasters will be given hosting access

Twitch broadcasters who have signed up for Streamline early access will be excited to know that we’re vastly expanding the broadcaster early access program! If you’ve been waiting to hear from us about when you’ll get the opportunity to host matches and play with your communities, you should be hearing from us very, very soon.

Up until now, we’ve been giving out access to the game and hosting privileges to only a select few streamers, since we were still in the early stages of building out the game’s servers. Now, we’ll be inviting hundreds more of you to join us in trying out the beta and we’ll be providing you with Steam keys so you can play with your communities! Be sure to check your emails!

Broadcasters with hosting access can now host matches ANYTIME!

Since we’ve been building out our servers, we’re also now allowing whitelisted broadcasters to host matches whenever they want to! No more needing to contact us to schedule a Streamline broadcast and no more worrying about too many broadcasts happening at one time. The backend is prepped, and we’re ready to run your matches when you’re ready to host them. Have fun with your 2:00 a.m. Streamline sessions!

All the Streamline that’s fit for beta

On to development! As any of you who have been following Streamline for more than a few months can attest, its development has gone from early concept to a surprisingly polished and playable alpha in record time: it was only slightly more than a year ago that we started working on it. But don’t let the short timeframe fool you; we have developed a huge number of features and content in that time, all while doing our testing live on Twitch to get your feedback and make improvements based on player experiences as we work toward launch.

So which things that were worked on during alpha development made it into the closed beta (that’s now available for everyone who had alpha access or just got a Steam key!)? A lot of stuff. And here it all is!

Viewer-purchasable Rules

Make no mistake: being able to vote for Rule changes is, quite literally, a game changer. But we also wanted to put some on-demand power in the hands of Streamline viewers. Sometimes you just want to fry everybody in the game with Floor Is Lava at the touch of button, you know?

We made the Rule Store so viewers can do just that! Right before a match begins, viewers are presented with nine randomly selected Rules that they can purchase using their Streamote currency. Want to make everyone crab walk 30 seconds into round 2? You can! Or maybe you want to grab Concrete Shoes and team up with the viewer who bought Pogo so all the players are speed bouncing around the map? Go for it!

Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Or not. Have fun!

rule deployed

Character Customization

Time to create a character that’s just as unique as you (or maybe just as unique as you want to be…)! As if we’d make you run around in Streamline with only one standard outfit. Choose from a veritable smorgasbord of body type, clothing, boost trail, and taunt options. Go simple and sporty, tricked-out cyberpunk, or outlandishly couture. The choice is yours!

*This is just the first batch of customization options. There will be a lot more as we continue development! Unlock them all as you play!*



One of the great aspects behind Streamline’s augmented reality backstory is that it allows for limitless arena environments; the players could conceivably project point orbs and Rules onto pretty much any location they want to compete in. We’ve designed three incredibly different maps so far and have a bunch more in the pipeline!


Modeled after and unveiled at PAX East 2016, this map features multiple levels of verticality, sky bridges, a huge bounce pad, a ton of obstacles, and an array of gaming parodies. Proletariat has been showing games at PAX East for the past three years and as it’s our hometown gaming convention, we’ve all been attending since it first started—here’s our tribute to that special time every year when gamers from around the world descend on Boston!



Docks is the newest map and takes place at a vibrant shipyard, complete with water hazards and an array of industrial equipment to climb on, hide in, and launch you to victory.



Streamline’s first map is still here and better than ever! Speed around the see-saws, hide around the buses, and scale the central playhouse to get a bird’s-eye view of the chaos below.


What’s next?

The next release is a big one: we’re planning to add a new map, a new rewards and leveling system, the ability to change who plays as the Hunter, and Runner radar! Be on the lookout for these additions in the next few weeks!

Other Streamline fixes and features

But wait, there’s more! Not everything that went into the game over the past few months was a huge feature. A lot of work was done to fix bugs and improve the broadcaster, player, and viewer experience.

Streamline player experience

  • Character customizations are saved on the server, so you don’t lose your unique creations.
  • Greatly improved the game’s special effects. Now with 200% more “wow!”
  • Players are able to run around the map prior to a match beginning, during the betting and Rule Store phase. Get some practice in before you jump into the mayhem!
  • Players can access a How to Play screen from the home screen, waiting for match screen, and from accessing the escape menu.
  • Polished the user interface in various and wonderful ways.

Streamline map selection screen

  • Hosts can now change maps between matches without un-hosting a party.
  • Hosts can select which region they want their server to be in. More regions for players around the world coming soon!

Other Streamote fixes and features

Finding broadcasts to join

  • visitors can see channels that are playing with Streamote enabled, sorted by concurrent viewers.

Broadcaster dashboard

  • Broadcasters can give their channel currency a unique name.
  • Broadcasters can upload custom currency icons.

Party management

  • Easier party management! Clearly see who is viewing on Streamote, invited to the party, and currently in the party. Filter and sort based on subscribers and viewers who are in the game and search for viewers to invite by Twitch username.
  • Broadcasters can invite players who are not currently viewing on Streamote.
  • Broadcasters who are hosting matches can kick party members from within Streamline.
  • Broadcasters who are hosting matches can see the status (joined game vs. not yet joined game) of players from within Streamline.


  • Winning bets now always get a full return! It used to be possible to win a bet and lose some money. (Whoops.) That won’t happen anymore.


  • Easier to follow Activity Feed. In addition to the in-game Activity Feed, Streamote now has feeds both in a tab below the video and directly above the Bingo card. Never again miss an opportunity to check-off one of your tiles!

Other general improvements

  • Broadcasters can participate as full-fledged viewers! Vote, bet, use the Rule Store, and play Bingo.
  • Greatly improved the polish of the Viewer experience on Streamote. Removed a lot of visual complication, improved colors and fonts, and improved visual cues.
  • Viewers can collapse the right side chat frame.
  • Streamline leaderboard, party information, and activity feed are viewable at all times below the video.
  • A subscribe button has been added below the video to enable viewers to support their favorite partnered broadcasters.
  • Timers were improved to be more accurate.
  • Number of concurrent viewers, total views for the channel, and followers of the channel are displayed below the video.
  • A button that links to the Streamline page on Steam appears below the video for anyone who does not have the game.
  • Help buttons have been added for both broadcasters and viewers.
  • Tutorials have been added to guide viewers through their first experience with Streamote.

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