Streamline beta 1.1

Streamline beta 1.1

Yes, it’s already time for the first update since the launch of the Streamline closed beta! This one includes some big features that were wildly popular requests among the game’s early players. There’s also a shiny new map, stuff that will give you the warm fuzzies for being a dedicated player, and (of course) a slew of improvements and bug fixes!

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Hunter Selection

You wanted it, you got it! Broadcasters are now able to choose the player that will be the Hunter for each match. Want to feel what it’s like to have your community turn the tables and smack you with the stop sign? Give them the power! Bonus: if you don’t want to take on the responsibility of choosing who will be the Hunter, you can have the game randomly select someone in your party!

This is one of the most requested features we’ve gotten from both Broadcasters and their communities so far, so get ready for Streamline broadcasts to get even more fun and frenetic!

Hunter “Radar”

Keep getting surprised by a sneaky Hunter? Runners now have an indicator that lets them know where the Hunter is when they’re nearby, not just a vague “uhhhhh…the Hunter is near you! Maybe?” alert. This is another heavily desired feature from the community that evens the field against the Hunter a little more.

New Map: Deepwater

Get rekt on a rig in the middle of the sea! It’s a long way down, the water is deep, and there aren’t any life vests, so try not to fall (or get punched) off!

Streamline - Deepwater map


Time to level up! Players now earn XP by playing matches and placing highly in the match results. As you progress, you’ll be rewarded with unique clothing colors that show off just how good you are. You know, just like in real life.

Streamline level-up colors


Who doesn’t love getting stuff? Now you can earn reward packs by playing matches! Open them up to get tons of new items, outfits, animations, and more. Do better, get more stuff! YEAH, STUFF!

Caveat: to achieve this collecting glory, players no longer get to start with every item in every color. Deepest apologies to you tricked-out early alpha/beta players —but things like this will happen at this stage in development! <3

Streamline pack open

The Other Stuff

  • Unfortunately, we had to disable the GameCon map to fix up some performance issues it’s been having. Don’t worry, it’ll be back!
  • Switching maps no longer boots your party and forces them to rejoin the game. Rejoice and switch maps with impunity!
  • Bonuses have had their code re-written from scratch, making them much more consistent and less buggy. Now you can be rewarded correctly when you AFK. 🙂
  • The game client now checks its version against the server and prompts you to upgrade instead of just pitching a fit and crashing out.
  • Ghosts now see when an area is about to close down.
  • Fixed a few freezes when matches would roll over or players would join mid-match.
  • A whole raft of performance optimizations continues.

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