Streamline beta 1.2

What? Another beta update so soon?! After an incredible first month of the Streamline closed beta that already saw a big update a couple of weeks ago, we just pushed a new release to Steam that includes a MASSIVE list of new content, big feature changes, and a ton of improvements. Streamline beta 1.2 is big step forward for the game—check out the details below!

Streamline beta 1.2

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Streamline updates

Movement and gameplay

We made a bunch of improvements to general gameplay, including how characters move and interact with the environment, what their various states are capable of doing to affect other players, and how you see the competition in the field.

  • The Runner in first place now has a Crown icon above their head, letting everyone else know just how majestic they are… and adjust their targeting accordingly.
  • After being stunned, players have ~6 seconds of stun-immunity. You can still get bounced around, but you can’t be stunned!
  • Players can now “scrabble” up walls. Hit a wall a little low? Jump again and clamber up!
  • Added a few invincibility frames to the dodge animation. Time it well and you’re invulnerable!
  • Runner and Ghost attacks have been made slightly smaller. You’ll have to aim and time your attacks a little bit better!
  • But! Runners and Ghosts have shorter attack cooldowns so they can punch more often!
  • Slide now lets you go through other players and knock them out of your way.
  • The Hunter radar disappears during Sudden Death and Wolf Among Us. Keep your eyes peeled!
  • You can more easily see if another player is carrying a stolen orb.
  • If you’re close to a Ghost, you can see their name. OooOoOOooOOOOoooo.
  • When a Runner is eliminated, any orbs they’re carrying are knocked out of them and scatter.
  • When a Runner is eliminated, the Death Orb they drop now gets knocked up and away and bounces around!
  • Death Orb values have been reduced from 50% to 25% of the eliminated player’s total score.
  • The Hunter can see what place all of the Runners are in right next to their names.
  • Ghosts and Hunters can punch Death Orbs to knock them away. Make those Runners run for those orbs!
  • Nearly all of the animations in the game have been replaced with better versions!


We’ve taken Ghost gameplay to an entirely new level with this update! Ghosts now play a much bigger factor in matches—you’re no longer just limited to griefing fellow players after you’ve been eliminated.

  • A new goal for Ghosts has been added! Upon being eliminated, Ghosts are given a target Runner to Haunt. If the Ghost manages to punch that target, they’ll be well rewarded and be given a new target. Subsequent Hauntings will award more and more points, letting Ghosts stay in the game AND make life harder for the Runners.
  • Ghosts are now affected by all the rules, so watch out! You can die in Lava, you’ll jump higher with Moon Boots, and so on!
  • Ghosts can’t attack for a short period after they’ve been stunned. (You can tell because they’re grey!)
  • If a round enters Sudden Death, Ghosts are all immediately killed and spectate the hunter.
  • The Hunter Radar is hidden for Ghosts.
  • If the Hunter attacks a Ghost, the Ghost goes flying!

New map: The Yard

We completely revamped the map previously known as “Playground” (the game’s first map) to better fit in with the myriad of improvements the game has seen since that map was first released oh so many months ago! Everything about it is so shiny and improved that we thought it made sense to treat it as a new map—behold, The Yard!


New Home Screen and remappable controls

Streamline’s home screen and settings needed some love, so we gave them some!

  • The home screen has been totally revamped for better organization, standardization, and more.
  • By clicking on the Proletariat logo on the home screen, you can access our Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch channels, as well as see the game credits (which are still being worked on!).
  • The ESC key now goes back to the previous screen or closes the current popup.
  • The character now smoothly and predictably rotates as you drag your mouse around.
  • In the Audio settings, you’ll find a Sound Effects slider!
  • Under Settings, you’ll also find a page where you can fully remap your keyboard and mouse or choose from a few different controller mappings.

Practice Mode

Choose any map to practice by yourself. Learn the lines, find sweet hiding spots, or just check out what your character looks like in their current threads.

Hunter Score

Runners knew if they were doing well (or not) and now Hunters do too!

  • As Hunters get Bonuses, they’re being graded just like they were in school again.
  • At the end of a match, everyone will see the Hunter’s grade and the Hunter will be rewarded accordingly.


Point orbs are fun, but nailing those bonuses are clutch for achieving victory. We’ve tweaked the existing bonuses and added a bunch more to the fray to give you new and insane ways to pile on the points.

  • We’ve revisited all of the bonuses and how much they’re worth. Their values have been boosted across the board (and in some cases, by quite a lot!).
  • A whole bunch of new bonuses have been added, so be on the lookout for new ways to score the big points.
  • You can see how much bonuses are worth when you get them. Bask in the glory of the 7,500 points of Last Man Standing.


Players now get special callouts at the end of matches based on the Bonuses awarded in a match! Who will be named The Admiral and who will attain the lofty title of Trollface?!


Four new rules have been added! Hype!

  • Vengeful Spirits: The Ghosts can now kill the Runners (as well as the Hunter and other Ghosts)! Maybe you should be afraid of ghosts…
  • Spiritual Cleansing: Turnabout is fair play… Runners can kill Ghosts and the Ghosts will drop big points!
  • Energy Drink: Everyone enjoys unlimited Boost!
  • Shady Business: The Ghosts become very difficult to see.
  • Make It Rain now forces the Hunter to drop point orbs worth 100 but they expire after 20 seconds.
  • As a part of the above mentioned Bonus point revamp, the Bonus Bonus rule now only awards 3x the points, not 5x.

Smaller additions and fixes

  • The GameCon map is back because…
  • We’ve made HUGE performance optimizations. Playing on a four year old integrated graphics card? No problem!
  • The number of players currently connected is shown while waiting for players.
  • The URL is shown during betting and rule purchasing so viewers can easily play along.
  • Hunter select now shows the RANDOM option at the bottom instead of alphabetically.
  • Rarely, players wouldn’t receive XP for matches. (And sometimes, they’d get negative 2 billion. That’s a BAD match…)
  • In freak circumstances, players would go into spasms while trying to climb up a ledge.
  • Rule announcement sound effects would blare through even if the game’s sound was muted.
  • Normalized the volume of many sound effects. Ear drums being blown out are hopefully a thing of the past!
  • Players can no longer wall run on each other. Personal space is important.
  • Baseball caps are now properly worn on the head by female characters instead of on their feet.
  • Reward icons are shown for items wearable only by the opposite gender.
  • Players can no longer dodge during the round countdown.
  • If players are holding down movement keys during the round countdown, they’ll probably take effect when the round begins.
  • Revamped some of the supported resolutions, windowed mode, and full screen. Far fewer black bars, stuck cursors, and wonky UIs.
  • Sudden Death + Nerfed should correctly give people the appropriate weapons now.
  • Random Orb spawns should no longer spawn in closed danger zones.

Streamote updates

  • Streamote now has a short tutorial for broadcasters to help them get acquainted, encouraging them to turn on and mod the Streamote chatbot.
  • Party creation instructions coming soon…
  • In between matches, the left hand sidebar lets you know that there’s nothing happening (yet).
  • Fixed a bug where the Rules for round 2 were sometimes not purchasable.

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