Road to TwitchCon Day 1 Recap

The first round of the Open Qualifiers was absolutely crazy! Before we move on to Round 2 with lolRenaynay tonight (8PM EST), we want to give everyone a recap of the action from Round 2…check it out!

Road to TwitchCon Round 1

The first Open Qualifier featured Streamline veteran, Punjistick, as the host and Hunter. Competition was heated from the start with crowd favorite, namhoh, setting the pace with a preliminary match score of 48,785. Other preliminary match winners were Jhuild (52339), st335i (30141), holymacintosh (39094), and dasdscha (23675).

After five hectic preliminaries, the final match was created from the top three players in each previous match. Here were the results of the final:

Player Score   Player Score
1. ethervann 48211 9. st335i 26329
2. holymacintosh 36159 10. dasdscha 23829
3. namhoh 30911 11. matlock2720 20678
4. jhuild 28598 12. calebpm45 16462
5. balianblue 28165 13. puresteelgaming 16063
6. tekedout 27915 14. ziggyvertigo 10450
7. vin_dios 27564 15. orangesherbet 4737
8. blackedoutanrchy 26782

BUT THERE WAS DRAMA! After the match was over with ethervann as the apparent Round 1 winner, they revealed that they were not, in fact, eligible for the tournament! As such, the Road to TwitchCon judges conferred and determined that the next highest eligible scorer in the final match would be named the winner. Congratulations to holymacintosh for a well played competition on the first day of the Road to TwitchCon! You’re on your way to TwitchCon 2016 to compete in the Grand Finale for $10,000!

Top replays

Round 1 featured a ton of amazing gameplay, so don’t forget to check out the full broadcast VOD. Here are a couple of our favorite moments:

Punjistick getting destroyed by ruthless ghost noodling

Punjistick getting destroyed by ruthless ghost noodling (full video replay)


Namhoh with sweet evasive moves and a Poke the Bear

Namhoh with sweet evasive moves and a Poke the Bear (full video replay)

Remaining Open Qualifier schedule

Host: lolRenaynay
Tuesday, September 13

5:00PM PT (8:00PM ET)

Host: Richard_Hammer
Wednesday, September 14

5:00PM PT (8:00PM ET)

Host: GassyMexican
Thursday, September 15

5:00PM PT (8:00PM ET)

cobaltstreak-profile_image-9234704db7932eae-300x300Host: CobaltStreak
Friday, September 16

5:00PM PT (8:00PM ET)

Congratulations once again to holymacintosh and good luck to the rest of the competitors!

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