Streamline Original Soundtrack: Now Available!

The Streamline Original Soundtrack is out and available on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play!

If you’re here to find out how video game soundtracks are made, please let me know when you find out. I can only tell you how one soundtrack was made: the Streamline Original Soundtrack.


Right off the bat, I want to give credit to the two incredibly talented artists who created this album:

Breakmaster Cylinder

Anonymous musical being. Beat battles, soundtracks, and theme songs for Gimlet, Nat Geo,, others.

Matthew Harwood

Composer for many video game titles including the Bit.trip series, Homefront, and Infinite Crisis.

How Streamline got an amazing soundtrack

A year ago at TwitchCon, we hadn’t thought much about the Streamline soundtrack. It was our first public demo. We had only one character and one level. But as we progressed and started getting the demo into the hands of real broadcasters, the importance of a butt-kicking soundtrack became clearer: the Twitch community loves music and it’s central to the viewing experience.

Breakmaster Cylinder was one of the first people we reached out to. Though not primarily a composer of music for games, Breakmaster Cylinder uses a mixture of electronic instruments, unconventional sounds, and hip hop beats in a way that evokes some of the same themes as the world of Streamline.

The first song to be created for the Streamline soundtrack was “Playground Rejects.” At the time, our only level was Playground (now The Yard) and we were seeking a song to go with it. We ultimately decided it wasn’t right for the game, but it’s still a great song, so we’ve included it in the soundtrack.

This experimental song helped us find our direction and identify things that do and don’t work. Streamline has a lot of sound effects including text-to-speech callouts and the voices of the players; we needed to keep the same feel while making sure the music wouldn’t fight for attention with all the other sounds.

We also asked Matthew Harwood to take a shot at making a song for Streamline, and “Ready Set” was created! You may recognize this song as the “Waiting for Game” music that gets you hyphy, but the soundtrack has an extended version with parts you won’t hear in-game.

Both of these artists brought amazing and different perspectives to Streamline, so we asked them to create this album as a split.

Streamline Original Soundtrack track listing (with credits):

  1. Infinite Turbo – Matthew Harwood
  2. Negative One – Breakmaster Cylinder
  3. Rekt – Matthew Harwood
  4. Hype Rider – Matthew Harwood
  5. Playground Rejects – Breakmaster Cylinder
  6. Blue Atlas – Matthew Harwood
  7. Dot Com Bubble – Breakmaster Cylinder
  8. Combo Cube – Breakmaster Cylinder
  9. Boom Bounce – Matthew Harwood
  10. Ready Set – Matthew Harwood
  11. Uptown Punk – Breakmaster Cylinder
  12. Information Superhigh – Breakmaster Cylinder
  13. Planet Twist – Breakmaster Cylinder

It was a lot of fun to work with Breakmaster Cylinder and Matthew Harwood to make an album we are really proud of, and we’re glad the feedback from our community has been so positive! Please check out the album on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play (and whatever other music services we end up getting it on eventually!).

P.S., You might even find an easter egg on “Information Superhigh!”

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