Streamline 2.0


Here it is, the big update before Early Access begins on Friday, September 30! Check out all of this new hotness:

Steam exclusives have been added

  • Dress up as a Test Subject from Portal or the Scout from Team Fortress 2!
  • Collect Trading Cards, Badges, Steam Achievements, and more!


Quick Match

Finally, you can play without a party! Want to just jump in a game without finding a Broadcaster on Twitch? Hit Quick Match and get in the game!

Region Select

Choose a server near you for the best possible speeds. Right now, you can choose from servers in Virigina, Oregon, and Ireland. More to come!

Anyone can be a Broadcaster now!

From the Streamline client, you can become an official Streamline broadcaster without signing up!

Move in to the High Rise map

A new map has been released – but beware, the apartments are still under construction and it’s a long way down!

Spectator Mode

After you’ve been eliminated during Sudden Death or if you join a match in progress, you can spectate other players. Click your mouse to switch your target!

Coming soon…

Some hints on what’s coming next are in the map select screen…


We polished up a bunch of movement and animations and changed some functionality for more smooth free-running action.

  • You can no longer change direction mid-wall run.
  • Improved ledge detection: you can now climb a ledge or vault over objects from the side, no longer requiring the camera to face the obstacle.
  • Slide continues until your boost meter is completely empty as long as you’re pressing crouch.
  • Jumping while sliding (“super jump”) is no longer possible. RIP impossible movement. 🙁
  • You can no longer wall run on the same wall you just jumped off.
  • Shortly after jumping off a wall, you’ll regain air control.
  • Wall runs should be easier to start now.


  • Lots more clothing options have been added. Get your Sportiform now!
  • Tons of performance optimizations. No, seriously, potato machines from long ago!
  • Added a Credits screen under the Proletariat section. If you helped out during GDC or were an early broadcaster, you’re in there! 🙂
  • During transitions between game modes and state, there’s a polite screen wipe.
  • The hunter’s name has been added to the betting screen (though you still can’t bet on them)!
  • The UI above the players’ heads has an indicator if they’re stunned.
  • Added a sweet water splash for all you scuba divers out there.
  • Learn the deep secrets of the game with loading tips at the start of every round.
  • Slightly reduced the duration of the intro slo-mo when a Rule changes.
  • If you’re broadcasting, there’s now a little viewer count widget to show how many people are watching you.
  • Main menu now tells you whose party you’re in.
  • Lots of new sound FX and updates to the soundtrack.
  • But if you don’t like them or just want to turn them down, there’s a sound FX volume slider in Audio Settings.

Bug fixes

  • You can no longer get stuck under/inside the seesaws on The Yard.
  • Opening Packs is way faster than it used to be!
  • The pack rewards are more random. You should no longer get 3x Torsos or Leg items in a single pack. Or at least if you do, they’ll be different ones!
  • The Hunter will now kill runners if they attack but land directly on top of them. DFA!
  • Fixed a large hitch when eliminating the last Runner or Hunter.
  • Jump animations are now cancelled when you hit a ceiling
  • Fixed gloves looking weird with some torso items.
  • The hunter should no longer get stuck with the map camera when matches roll over.
  • Fixed a few bugs with resolution changing and being improperly set when changing settings or sound.
  • The hunter no longer has the radar above their head during Wolf Among Us.
  • Twitch icons are once again shown when accolades are awarded.
  • Rise From Your Graves no longer breaks Haunting.
  • Points B Gone no longer tanks performance.
  • Sandstorm properly disables player outlines.
  • Help button actually takes you to the help page now!


  • A LOT of server performance upgrades.
  • Sweet new broadcaster onboarding!
  • You can now delete your party even if it isn’t full. This also applies to joining a party when you have one of your own.
  • Chatbot now automatically turns on when you become a broadcaster.
  • The onboarding tutorial for broadcasters has been removed for the time being, while we rework it.
  • Fixed a bug where viewers showed up as “IN MY GAME” on the viewer list when they were in another party.
  • now takes you to your viewer page. Instead of redirecting to your dashboard, there’s now a banner pointing you to the place where you can manage your party.
  • Fixed a bug where you could see a mismatch between expected and actual bet winnings


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