We’re back from TwitchCon…and we have a live game!

So, some crazy things happened in the past week. BIG things. The sort of things that you remember for the rest of your life, alongside your first kiss and that time you ate that really great taco from that place in that city with that friend who’s not really your friend, but more of an acquaintance (you know which one). Anyway, big stuff. The kind of stuff I shouldn’t have waited until several days later to tell you about. Whoops! Rambling over; here’s what happened:

  1. We were part of the Twitch Prime announcement at TwitchCon
  2. We had a sweet booth at TwitchCon in the Twitch Prime, uh, bigger booth thing
  3. We had the Grand Finale of our $10,000 Road to TwitchCon tournament
  5. We arrived safely back in Boston (and miss San Diego already)

Hopefully you want some details on those things. If you don’t, you can stop reading and get on with your day (though you’ve just given me a sad and made our engineer Brett cry). If you do, you’re a hero, we love you, and you should keep reading.

Twitch Prime announcement

That’s a tweet from our Community Manager, Jennie, from the TwitchCon keynote, where they announced Twitch Prime and the following REALLY COOL THINGS:

  • You get Streamline for free with a Twitch Prime membership during the month of October (pro-tip, you can link your current Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account to get it OR if you don’t have Prime already, you can get a free trial month!)
  • If you get Streamline through Twitch Prime, you unlock 24 exclusive customizations (the Twitch robot outfit is so. damn. awesome.)

Bonus really cool things that went out in an email later:

Streamline early access launch

In addition to Twitch Prime being announced, we simultaneously launched Streamline into early access on both Twitch and Steam! If you don’t have Twitch Prime, you can pick it up on either of those services for a cool $19.99. #sunglasses

Streamline booth at TwitchCon

Because the idea of launching a game on two services with a bunch of fresh content seemed Way Too Easy™, we also decided to have a really great booth at TwitchCon with a revolving cast of broadcasters, 14 player stations, and the culminating round of a huge tournament with a massive grand prize. And special events on a stage. And pins. SO MANY PINS.


Thank you to the broadcasters who played at our booth!

The following superawesomeamazingfanasticbeautiful broadcasters played as the game’s Hunter and streamed to their channel and community during the three days at TwitchCon. Super big heart emojis to all of you! Proacejoker, Mockitleague, TheOnlyRyann, orangesherbet, HeroOfGaming, QaziTV, dasMEHDI, PeteTheNoob, Capn_Flint, DeejayKnight, Not_Jenn, Chingy1337, wishfuiiy, and dmbrandon. We seriously couldn’t have had a successful TwitchCon without you, so major kudos and hugs from everyone here!


HyperRPG mayhem

Those rascals over at HyperRPG decided to put on a bit of a show on the stage near our booth, pitting pairs of awesome broadcasters against each other while they played Streamline using an array of ridiculous peripherals (guitar controller while wearing a shark suit, anyone?). Big thanks to Richard_Hammer, CobaltStreak, SeriouslyClara, wshand, lolRenaynay, and Punjistick for being kind enough to embarrass themselves for our amusement!


Road to TwitchCon Tournament

If you weren’t paying attention to the internet goings on in regards to Streamline during September (for shame!), we were running a little tournament called the Road to TwitchCon. The grand prize for this tiny tournament? $10,000. No big deal. A few weeks ago, we held the first leg of the tournament over the course of five days, with each day’s winner being awarded a trip to TwitchCon to compete in the Grand Finale. Nine additional players qualified for the Grand Finale during matches played at TwitchCon.

The Grand Finale was an hour-long event that included two matches: one hosted by OMGitsfirefoxx and the other by JoshOG. Check out the VODs!

Watch live video from on www.twitch.tv

Watch live video from on www.twitch.tv

Finally, the winner of the tournament was the incomparable finalflash92!

Road to TwitchCon 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers!

Road to TwitchCon 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishers!

Other fun!

A lot of TwitchCon attendees stopped by the booth to play Streamline, including a bunch of familiar faces. We also went to some parties and other events and spent some quality time with all of those faces. Basically, TwitchCon was incredible, we now have a game out that is attracting a huge number of players and broadcasters, and we couldn’t be happier (or more exhausted). THANK YOU, TWITCHCON 2016—YOU WILL FOREVER LIVE ON IN OUR HEARTS.

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