Screamline! Update 2.1: Halloween costumes, Tag mode, Overpass map, Rock Band shirts, and more!

The first Streamline update since the Early Access launch at TwitchCon a few weeks ago is here! Prepare yourself: this isn’t just some random collection of bug fixes—there’s a brand new map, a ton of new customization items (Halloween hype!!!), and…a NEW GAME MODE! Don’t forget, you can still get Streamline for FREE with Twitch Prime through the end of October!

We interrupt these release notes for a very important message: On Sunday and Monday, October 23 and 24 from 3:00-11:00PM ET, we want to celebrate this release by getting every broadcaster and player on Twitch playing and streaming the game…let’s hit critical mass and all get a bunch of #Screamline Halloween gear! We’ll be playing a ton throughout that time, as will a lot of broadcasters you know and love. After that, let’s keep the momentum going for the rest of the week! Now back to that sweet, sweet update!

It’s the spoopiest time of year!

We’ve added a bunch of limited-time only Halloween gear! You’ll have a chance for a special Halloween pack in every match, but don’t get scared when you open them! These items will show up as special Halloween packs—you have a very high chance of getting them when you play, but they’ll only be available for a short time…make sure you play a ton throughout the rest of October so can you collect every costume!

Streamline Halloween Outfits

A new game mode throws it back to childhood—but with weapons!

Welcome to the first new game mode—Tag! This is the playground game you know and love, just…weaponized. Alternate between hunting and running for points! As the Hunter if you tag someone, they become the new Hunter and you become a Runner. This mode is especially awesome for smaller parties…you’re it!

A new map: Overpass!

Update 2016-10-22: Overpass has been temporarily disabled due to some issues with spawn points. It’ll be back soon! 

Truly a highway to the…I’m not even going to finish that sentence. It’s a new map! And it’s awesome! Overpass is inspired by urban construction and features humongous wall runs and the “party pit” where points are plentiful—but so is the danger!

Overpass map

Rock Band shirts!

To celebrate the launch of Rock Band Rivals and Rock Band VR from our great friends at Harmonix, we’ve giving everyone Rock Band shirts! Rock the World!

Streamline Rock Band shirts

Twitch chat in game

If you’re playing with a streamer, you can see their Twitch chat directly in game! :PogChamp:

Live games on home screen

You can see and join popular matches in progress from the home screen. Jump in with your favorite broadcasters!


We’ve added a few tutorial messages at the start of a match to help people learn the game. n00bs rejoice!

Item Rarity

Items have always had rarity, but now we show you just how rare they are.

Better Party status

We made it easier to see what the other players in your party are up to so you can better hassle them to get in the game!

Player level icons

Show off to everyone just how much experience you have with unique icons per level. Brag about your sweet badges!

Other small additions and fixes

  • Reduced the Hunter’s attack cooldown from 1.5s to 0.9s. Spam those attacks!
  • At the end of a round, we’ll now show you WHY you’re getting XP, not just how much.
  • The laws enforcing clean shaves have been overthrown. Beards have been granted for the other faces.
  • Taunt animation lengths have been standardized.
  • Players enter into a “waiting for host” state instead of seeing an error if the host hasn’t started the game yet.
  • Yakety Hill, Crabcore, and Nerfed animations blend together now.
  • Player attacks can no longer pick up orbs, only players themselves can.
  • Becoming eliminated doesn’t trigger low-life states upon coming back to life so it won’t trigger things like Just a Flesh Wound.
  • The Revenant bonus works again.
  • Removed Stop, Drop, and Roll rule. It was confusing and unclear and not fun.
  • Disrespect now requires the Hunter to look at the Runner taunting, not the other way around.
  • Rise from Your Graves plays nicely with Haunting now.
  • The V-neck Slo’ Thuggin Shirt shows the sloth for all colors! Just in time for October 20th, International Sloth Day.
  • The Kneepads and Short Shorts work properly with boots and shoes now.
  • Wolf Among Us no longer hides haunting targets.
  • Players no longer sometimes see a mismatch between their score and the final leaderboard.


Multiple broadcasters in the same game are now supported!

Broadcasters can now play with each other and their channels can play along on, voting, betting, and playing bingo (though the Rule Store is only available to the host of the party’s channel).

More Rewards!

Whenever you win in Bingo or a Bet, you’ll be rewarded with a Pack of gear in Streamline! Bingo also now pays out 4000 for a win and 100 for each correctly hit tile. Get them $$$$$$$$!

Streamline Announcements

Streamote will now make helpful periodic announcements in Twitch chat explaining what’s happening in Streamline. In addition, Streamote lets the channel know anytime a new user boots up Streamline for the first time. Get in the game!

Smaller additions and fixes

  • We’ve added a bunch of juicy animations to things like currency updates, party changes, betting, and more!
  • Fixed unpartnered broadcaster channels so they don’t see subscriber specific functionality (sub-only parties, sub buttons on, etc).
  • Fix for users who have out of sync system clocks. This should no longer cause issues with betting, buying, or—well—doing anything on
  • When searching viewers, if a channel has more viewers than can be displayed, we let the broadcaster know.
  • Subscribers should now always show up as subs, in all cases.

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