Streamline 2.2: Return of the Overpass

holidayhalloween_outfits-fbDon’t forget, you only have a few more days left before the limited edition Halloween items disappear from packs! Be sure to play as much as possible through the end of October to collect all of those spoopy customizations!

We have a small update to improve a few features and bring the awesome new map back that we unveiled a week ago. Release notes below…enjoy!

The Overpass map is back!

Which is great, because it was really freaking fun. After noticing some wonkiness with spawn points (they were dropping players in red zones, resulting in never-ending deaths upon respawn…whoops), we pulled Overpass from update 2.1 so we could make it less of a philosophical commentary on the futility of life and more what it was supposed to be: a delightful romp through an urban construction zone.

Overpass map

In case you forgot what Overpass looked like…

Other Streamline improvements/fixes

  • Points collected just before Sudden Death in Tag no longer respawn.
  • Random point orbs will not drop during Sudden Death in Tag.
  • During Hunter selection, chat is hidden so you can see the player list.
  • Fixed a handful of rare crashes with parties.
  • Chat no longer breaks when switching between game modes or when the host leaves.
  • Party UI shows who the leader is.
  • Show a countdown until players respawn or can spectate.
  • Players should no longer spawn in red zones or near the Hunter.
  • Fixed some performance problems if some audio settings were dropped to 0.
  • Fixed spectator mode occasionally breaking, especially during Tag games.
  • Killing a runner as the Hunter in Tag mode now correctly gives full boost to the former Hunter.
  • Tag mode now indicates who the hunter is in the upper-left of the screen.
  • Fixed Ripperino bonus.
  • Reduced the “glitch” FX to be easier on the eyes.
  • Boost and climbing should now work better under congested network conditions.
  • Boost now drains and charges at the correct rate during Slo Thuggin’ and Yakety Hill.

Streamote updates

  • It’s now possible to join a party, launch the game, and get in right away with a single URL click.
  • Adjusted Streamote chat announcements for Streamline.
  • Bingo boards in Tag should no longer show impossible to achieve events.

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