Get Streamline on Steam for free November 17-18!


We’re making Streamline free on Steam! But here’s the catch—you’ll only have 24 hours to grab it—so don’t forget to set a reminder!

When can you get Streamline for FREE on Steam?

Streamline will be available on Steam for free from 12:00 PM EST on Thursday, November 17 to 12:00 PM EST on Friday, November 18. If you add the game to your Steam Library during that time period you will pay $0.00. Zilch. Nothing. Sweet!

Bonus: Keep your free copy of Streamline forever!

This isn’t like some other Steam promotions where you only get to play the game for free for a limited time—if you add Streamline to your Steam Library during the promotion period, you get to keep it forever. It’s not a preview or a demo. You get the full game, for free, for eternity. Because we love you <3

Tell your friends!

Don’t keep the great news to yourself (we promise that we won’t run out of free copies). Streamline is a game that’s best enjoyed with as many of your friends as possible—up to 16 players in a match!

Join in the Streamline marathon during the sale!

We’re going to be playing and streaming Streamline on our Twitch channel from 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM EST on Thursday and from 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST on Friday. We’d love for you to play with us in our party or join in the fun by hosting your own matches! Be sure to check out our Discord server, where the Streamline community talks about upcoming matches and Twitch streams they’re planning. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a great group to play with there!

Enter our Best Streamline Clips contest for a chance to win sweet Streamline merch!

As if getting the game for free wasn’t enough, we’ll also be hosting a contest to give you a shot at winning a Streamline mug! Want your chance to sip in style? Here are the rules:

  • Take a clip of your best Streamline moment and post it in the #streamline_clips channel on our Discord!
  • Clips must be clipped and posted within the 24-hour promotion period (12pm EST, November 17 – 12 PM EST, November 18)
  • Entries must include the phrase “Best Streamline Clip Contest” to be considered
  • Participants can enter up to 3 clips—additional clips will be disqualified
  • In the event that multiple participants post clips from the same moment, only the clip that is submitted in the Discord first will be considered
  • Proletariat will select the top three clips and will announce the winners on Twitch at 3:00 PM EST

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