Welcome to Bitball, Streamline’s First Competitive Team Mode!

Welcome to Bitball!

Bitball is a new game mode that finally brings team competition gameplay to Streamline! Grab your friends (or jump into a Find Match game) and battle it out against other teams to see who will reign supreme!

To get you started, here’s a quick guide to show you the ins and outs of the new mode and how it differs from what you’re used to in Elimination and Tag modes.

Bitball tl;dr

  • Teams: There are two teams with a maximum of five players per team.
  • Matches: A match consists of two rounds of five minutes each.
  • Scoring: The primary objective of the game is to put the Bitball into your opponent’s goal to score a point for your team.
  • Overcharge: Players can collect gems to “Overcharge” their team. If your team scores while Overcharged, you score bonus points!
  • Controls: Bitball controls are nearly identical to other modes except:
    • Your boost meter auto regenerates (though you can still pick up energy bolts)
    • You can’t punch while you possess the Bitball, but…
    • …You can throw/pass the ball when you possess it
  • Respawn: If you die, you will respawn at your team’s goal.
  • Winning: At the end of the two rounds, the team that has scored the most points is the winner. If the score is tied, the match goes into sudden death and the first team to score wins.


Before the ball drops (fill your Overcharge!)

Before the ball appears in the arena, players are able to run around and begin collecting gems to charge up their team’s Overcharge meter. Each time the meter is filled, your team banks a bonus point that gets added to the team’s score along with its next goal.

Tip: You can still collect points after the ball is live as long as you are not personally in possession of the ball!

Getting the ball (just grab it!)

Thirty seconds after the start of a round (or 20 seconds after a goal is scored), the Bitball will randomly spawn somewhere near the middle of the arena. To take possession of the ball, you just need to run into it…no special maneuvers needed!

Tip: When you grab the ball, you will be invulnerable for only half of a second—get out of harm’s way fast!

Possessing the ball (move it to your opponent’s goal!)

Like any goal scoring game, you and your team are trying to get the ball into your opponent’s territory and, ultimately, put the ball in their goal. You’re aided in achieving this while you’re in possession of the ball by two important things:

Boosted boost

When you have the ball, you go into auto-boost mode, during which you will boost until your meter is depleted (so don’t miss the energy bolts if you start running low!). Bonus: While you have possession, your boost movement is faster than the normal boost!


When you have possession of the ball, your punch is replaced with a throw/pass.

Throwing: If you tap your punch/throw button, you will release the ball in the direction you are looking. If you hold down the button, you will charge your throw and when you release it, it will go much further! Use this technique properly and you can score some long-distance goals!

Passing: Passing the ball to your teammates is also done with the punch button. Aim until you have a teammate in your reticle, tap the pass button, and the ball shoots out in a straight line to your teammate. You don’t need to charge it—just a quick click will do the job!

Scoring (don’t forget to Overcharge!)

You score one point for your team by putting the Bitball into your opponent’s goal. You can do this by either throwing the ball into the goal or by jumping into the goal while you have possession of the ball (warning: you will die if you do this!).

Overcharge, as mentioned earlier, is crucially important to outscoring your opponent! Collect as many gems as possible while you aren’t in possession of the ball to help fill up your team’s Overcharge meter and score bonus points with your goals.

Tip: At max Overcharge, your team will get a permanent speed boost!

Additional Tips

  • Having a team strategy that divides roles into positions like a dedicated goalkeeper and point runners might give you an advantage over less organized teams!
  • You can’t punch your opponents when you have the ball, but you can slide tackle them!
  • Want to cancel your charged throw? Just jump!

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