Streamline 2.5: Making the (Bitball) world a betterer place


Streamline 2.5

New year, new improved Streamline! Streamline 2.5 is a big one in terms of tweaking and fixing some of the big features that were introduced in the last update. We cleaned up a slew of Bitball quirks, drastically improved the Steam friends feature, gave you all the monitor resolutions your system craves, made the spawn points less tragic, and put our exterminator hats on while we blasted away a bunch of bugs. Basically, we betterized™ the game, because we love you.

Bitball: Now with 100% more fixes!

Everyone’s favorite new team mode was the star of the last Streamline update but, like any shiny new thing, we discovered some things about it after it was released that needed a bit more shine.

  • Winter blues (but…a good kind)! To cut down on confusion, your team is now always Blue, and the opposing team is always Red. Your clothes are also no longer recolored in Bitball matches. Instead, players on the opposing team have a red outline.
  • Players can now cancel their ball charge by jumping. Don’t throw it away if you don’t want to!
  • There were some spots on the maps where the Bitball could be punched/thrown out of the arena. Now you no longer need to fear challenging The Beast to get your ball back!
  • The ground in Overpass was apparently a little too soft in spots, allowing the Bitball to sometimes get stuck in it. We poured some cement. Problem solved!
  • Teams are now randomly assigned by default. Don’t worry; the host can still manually assign players if they want to make things more balanced (or not).
  • Game Con had missing collisions on some booth curtains. No more access to alternate under-the-stairs dimensions.
  • Teams were sometimes able to have more than five players if additional players dropped in mid-match. It’s now limited to five per side. Stop trying to cheat, cheaters.
  • Bitball now enforces a 10 player limit to keep things at maximum fun levels. You must have 10 players or less in order to start a match, and your party will be resized to a max of 10 players (including the host) if it’s too big. Less is more!
  • Through some sort of map switching wizardry, Bitball games could be started on unsupported maps. We have thwarted future efforts to access said maps.
  • The Bitball scoreboard didn’t update sometimes. Now it does every time. Reliable!
  • Boost initiation animations/effects no longer play after each punch when in overcharge mode.
  • We made some UI fixes where long lists or names were cut-off on scoreboards.
  • Fixed a few dialogs/tips that referenced the wrong things/numbers at the wrong times and were just plain confusing.
  • The goals have been removed from the pre-match freeplay.
  • The “Choose Teams” button is now disabled when too many players are in a party for a Bitball match.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Score” and “Defend” UI elements appeared for the entirety of Round 1 of a match and did not appear in Round 2.
  • Players no longer get the “Robbed” bonus when they score a goal that goes off the post. Because they scored.

Improved Steam friends invitation system

We introduced the ability to invite your Steam friends to play with you in the last update, but we realized it wasn’t working quite how we wanted it to. So we did it better this time!

  • If you have Steam friends who are online and in Streamline parties that allow Steam friends to join, you will see a “FRIENDS” button on the home menu and the number of friends you can join. Clicking this button opens a display that gives you a list of options to join your friends’ parties!

Happy New Year (resolutions)!

Our New Year’s resolution was to allow players to select any resolution their video card supports that is greater than Streamline’s 1280×720 minimum resolution. Mission complete!

Streamline now supports all resolutions

Rule Store is now open before every round

The Rule store will now only feature three items for purchase, but will appear prior to every round.

Localization polish (no, not localization into “Polish”)

Streamline was translated into six new languages in the last update, which created six new issues to fix in this one.

  • The game now consistently translates into German when that language is selected.
  • Fixed an issue where multi-line dialogs broke some translations.
  • Special characters are no longer displayed in lower-case if they’re supposed to be capitalized.
  • Fixed various instances of labels failing to translate into the selected language.
  • Various UI adjustments to accommodate for translated text that we originally missed.
  • The main error messages have been translated.

Better spawn points!

  • Runners generally want to keep their distance from the Hunter and stay out of red zones, but sometimes their spawn points ignored that common sense (pesky trolls, them spawn points be). We improved the game’s logic to make sure these scenarios don’t happen nearly as often.

Other stuff

  • The holiday season is over, and so are your chances to find those red and green gym bags.
  • Players now get the “Clothes” Steam achievements at levels 1, 5, 20, and 50!
  • The graphical issue where you sometimes couldn’t see gems other than the small green ones has been fixed. Whoops, looks like it wasn’t totally fixed…we’ll try again!
  • The correct death tip is now shown if you die from entering the opposing team’s goal in Bitball.
  • Players now get the Natural Selection, Poke The Bear, Ninja, Paparazzi, and Rekt bonuses in Tag mode like they are supposed to.
  • The Floor is Lava rule no longer generates lava way above the ground plane in the Overpass map.
  • Players no longer experience permanent rule effects if they die during that rule.
  • The URL in Twitch chat to join a match was sometimes not functioning properly and is now fixed.
  • Players that Find Match into a match will now leave the host’s party when they leave the match.
  • Players no longer get stuck in parties after trying to join a Top Live Game and then cancelling.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to modify Steam Controller input settings.
  • Improved the flow when joining a game from Top Live Games while currently in another party.
  • Fixed an issue where viewers were occasionally unable to activate rules purchased in new Rule Store.
  • Added FX to the Boost Bar when Energy Drink is active, or when your team has Full Overcharge in Bitball.
  • Corrected a glitch that caused deployed rules to only display the upper-left corner of the Twitch user’s icon.
  • The post-match UI no longer breaks if all players but the host leave the game.
  • Clicking the Region/Party Type/Allow Steam Friends edit button no longer resets the current selections.
  • Players’ Twitch icons now always display the correct user’s icon.
  • Various minor UI fixes/improvements.
  • Rules are no longer highlighted incorrectly if a rule was purchased in the same slot in a previous round.
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s camera remains tilted if they enter spectator mode during Puke Town.
  • Players can no longer interact with the menu during the “searching for game” state.
  • Equipping gloves is no longer possible while wearing the Test Subject Jumper torso item.

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