Streamline 2.6: The bug squashingest release of all. time.

If you get excited for game updates that are all about fixing stuff up, well…you better hold onto your butts…Streamline 2.6 is here! We geared up and busted a bunch of bugs to make the world game a safer place for all of humanity players.

Seriously, though, this update is mostly focused on tidying up while we prepare some bigger content that still needs to bake a little longer. More stuff, coming soon!

Now, all the fixes!

Actual footage of our dev team working on this release

Gameplay stuff

  • Teams will no longer become uneven when Players join a Bitball game mid-match. Fair game is fair!
  • Charged throws during Bitball now correctly trigger passing bonuses. Go long!
  • The Ragdoll rule was causing horrific disfigurations instead of silly floppiness. Sorry for the nightmares!
  • Fixed an issue where Bitball players couldn’t punch former teammates during the following pre-match free play. Alliances are fleeting once again!
  • In Tag mode with two players, Runner deaths caused by the environment no longer trigger Red Zones. You should still try to not fall off the map, though.
  • Corrected a situation where Players sometimes couldn’t eliminate each other during Not So Sudden Death in a Tag match.
  • The Long Wharf map no longer has phantom lava during the Floor is Lava rule. You’ll only get hurt when you make the questionable decision to step on visible lava now!
  • In Tag mode, Players will no longer incorrectly get the “Skin of Your Teeth” bonus when they tag a Runner. Because that makes absolutely no sense.

Other stuff

  • Fixed the level-up screen for Level 50 players who were seeing some crazy negative numbers.
  • A handful of localization improvements, including adding some missing translations and fixing bad layouts.
  • Players will no longer get stuck with a nine-player party in Bitball.
  • Twitch chat messages that are purged by moderators will now get purged in the in-game chat display.
  • Fixed some instances where post-match Bitball results didn’t add up properly.
  • Players who would get a “game not found” error when trying to join an invite-only game via Steam should no longer run into this problem.
  • Improvements were made to the mid-match Rule Store to make it less awkward when the match features multiple broadcasters.

Other, other stuff

  • Added some back-end features to make it easier for our community and support team to help players out with linking/unlinking Steam and Twitch accounts.
  • A bunch of miscellaneous bug fixes.

As always, if you notice any issues or have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you! Head over to our Discord server and leave a note in the Feedback or Support section and our community team will be glad to help you out.

2 thoughts on “Streamline 2.6: The bug squashingest release of all. time.

  • The only reason this game is dead because of, yes.. relies too heavily on its original mechanic. Focusing on streamers. It’s just not playable outside of that realm. Can we have matchmaking and ranked competitive play, please? I LOVED this game, but nobody cares about it anymore 🙁

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