Streamline 2.7: New Tutorial and Challenge Modes!

Streamline 2.7

Learn how to play with the new Tutorial mode!

N00bz rejoice…Streamline now has a tutorial! Our master level designers have lovingly handcrafted a set of artisanal Streamline experiences that will guide new players through learning the game’s basic controls. Until now, these techniques have only been passed down by the game’s wise, old sages. Now you, too, can become a true Streamline pro! (Or at least become a competent player a lot more quickly!)

Challenge yourself!

Already an adept Streamline player? Head to the Challenge map to test your skills! We set up an obstacle course that will push your parkour mastery to the limits. Try to make it to the end before time runs out while achieving your highest score! Don’t forget to brag about it to your fellow players. 😉

Other stuff

  • Spawn points have been improved in a variety of scenarios. Situations where Runners spawn near Hunters, Hunters and Runners spawn in locations meant for each other, and Runners spawn directly next to each other should mostly be a thing of the past.
  • Made yet more changes that may fix the now classic Streamline bug where you can’t see non-green gems. Cross your fingers! If it doesn’t work, we’re just going to start calling it a feature. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • The above changes should also resolve the issue where the Bitball goal doesn’t rotate like it should.
  • We put the game’s characters through an extensive agility training program, so there shouldn’t be any more issues with player movement when changing directions while strafing.
  • Ever fall through the floor in Overpass? We patched up that hole.
  • Players can no longer get the Assist and Alley Oop bonuses in Bitball if they score and then score again when the ball respawns. Nice trick, but would have been cooler if you did it on one possession.
  • In some cases, when players respawned as ghosts, they’d be stuck bent at the waist, facing down. It’s sad being a ghost, but we don’t want you to sulk, so you should be able to stand tall if you want to now.
  • It’s a pain when a Hunter leaves during a Tag match, so we made it less painful by automatically assigning a new one when that happens.
  • Throw it back! While it shouldn’t generally happen, if the Bitball manages to leave the Yard, it should now respawn. Play on!
  • More backend tools for our support team so they can help you out even better than before.
  • More localization improvements for our very much appreciated non-English speaking players!

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