Streamline 2.7: New Tutorial and Challenge Modes!

Learn how to play with the new Tutorial mode! N00bz rejoice…Streamline now has a tutorial! Our master level designers have lovingly handcrafted a set of artisanal Streamline experiences that will guide new players through learning the game’s basic controls. Until now, these techniques have only been passed down by the game’s wise, old sages. Now[…]

Streamline is part of the Humble Freedom Bundle!

Every day that we come into the studio, our team’s goal is to create experiences that are beloved by—and made for—everyone. After all, we make games for the people! As such, we are proud to include Streamline in the Humble Freedom Bundle, a collection of great games whose sale supports the liberties, rights, and well-being[…]

Streamline 2.5: Making the (Bitball) world a betterer place

  New year, new improved Streamline! Streamline 2.5 is a big one in terms of tweaking and fixing some of the big features that were introduced in the last update. We cleaned up a slew of Bitball quirks, drastically improved the Steam friends feature, gave you all the monitor resolutions your system craves, made the[…]

Streamline 2.4: Bitball team mode, Winter items, Steam integration, new languages, and more!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! We have a shiny new update for you that features some of the most exciting additions to the game yet, including a new game mode, winter customizations, localization into six new languages, Steam integrations, and much more! Welcome to Streamline 2.4! Bitball: Streamline’s new TEAM game mode![…]

Streamline - Bitball

Welcome to Bitball, Streamline’s First Competitive Team Mode!

Welcome to Bitball! Bitball is a new game mode that finally brings team competition gameplay to Streamline! Grab your friends (or jump into a Find Match game) and battle it out against other teams to see who will reign supreme! To get you started, here’s a quick guide to show you the ins and outs of[…]

Screamline! Update 2.1: Halloween costumes, Tag mode, Overpass map, Rock Band shirts, and more!

The first Streamline update since the Early Access launch at TwitchCon a few weeks ago is here! Prepare yourself: this isn’t just some random collection of bug fixes—there’s a brand new map, a ton of new customization items (Halloween hype!!!), and…a NEW GAME MODE! Don’t forget, you can still get Streamline for FREE with Twitch Prime[…]

We’re back from TwitchCon…and we have a live game!

So, some crazy things happened in the past week. BIG things. The sort of things that you remember for the rest of your life, alongside your first kiss and that time you ate that really great taco from that place in that city with that friend who’s not really your friend, but more of an[…]

Streamline is Now Available in Early Access on Twitch and Steam!

Today is the day! Streamline has officially launched into Early Access on both Steam and Twitch (Yes, Twitch! More on that below.). After showing the game’s early prototype to the public the first time at TwitchCon 2015 last year, we’re incredibly excited to announce from TwitchCon 2016 that it is now out of closed beta[…]

Road to TwitchCon Qualifier Winners!

  Congratulations to the Open Qualifier winners…you’re going to TwitchCon! The Road to TwitchCon Open Qualifier rounds ended in spectacular fashion with a double header on Friday, September 16, featuring GassyMexican and CobaltStreak (and, of course, their incredible communities!). Now that all five rounds are complete, we have been able to verify each day’s winner and award them all[…]

Road to TwitchCon Day 3

Road to TwitchCon Day 3 Recap

Round 3 of the tournament saw some of the most heated Streamline matches yet! Hunter Richard_Hammer was training the night before and did not go easy on the competing Runners, but 15 of yesterday’s most elite players managed to claw their way to a sensational final match. A big congratulations to someone4956 for emerging victorious—we’ll see you at TwitchCon 2016! Final Match[…]

Road to TwitchCon Day 2 Recap

And we thought the first round was nuts…Round 2 had some epicmatches! lolRenaynay got her first taste of Streamline against some of the best players we’ve seen yet. Congratulations to FinalFlash92 for pulling out a truly wild win at the last minute during a final match that will surely be remembered. Pack your bags—you’re going to TwitchCon to compete in the[…]

Road to TwitchCon Day 1

Road to TwitchCon Day 1 Recap

The first round of the Open Qualifiers was absolutely crazy! Before we move on to Round 2 with lolRenaynay tonight (8PM EST), we want to give everyone a recap of the action from Round 2…check it out! The first Open Qualifier featured Streamline veteran, Punjistick, as the host and Hunter. Competition was heated from the start with crowd favorite, namhoh,[…]

Road to TwitchCon

Road to TwitchCon Tournament – Win a trip to San Diego and $10,000!

Proletariat and Twitch are kicking off Streamline’s first tournament! The Road to TwitchCon Tournament is a month-long competition leading to a Grand Finale at TwitchCon 2016, where the winner will take home a cool $10,000 grand prize—yes, you read that correctly! Open Qualifier Week To get things started, we’re holding a five day Open Qualifier series[…]

The Streamline closed beta is here!

What alpha? The Streamline closed beta is here! As we announced earlier this week, this is a huge milestone for the game and for the community of broadcasters, players, and viewers on Twitch who have been eagerly anticipating more Stream First gaming! Greatly expanded broadcaster access Before we dive into the improvements we’ve made to[…]

Streamline is entering closed beta! Broadcaster early access hype!

The Streamline closed beta has been announced! This is huge news for both the game’s development and for the hundreds of Twitch streamers who have already signed up for broadcaster early access to host matches with their communities. We held a special announcement live stream on Monday to share the great news with our community[…]

Streamline in booth #11065 at PAX East!

Streamline has a booth at PAX East 2016! The Proletariat Inc. team will be demoing Streamline in booth #11065 of the expo hall each day of PAX East 2016 (April 22-24) from 10:00AM–6:00PM ET! Streamline and Streamote Demo Stations We’re going to have a bunch of PCs set up so Players can experience what a full-on Streamline[…]

Streamline officially announced from Twitch headquarters during GDC 2016!

After several months of pre-alpha development, we have finally officially announced Streamline as Proletariat Inc.’s next title! Check out the press release below, be sure to sign up to receive development news, and follow us to stay up-to-date with everything Streamline! Multiplayer action game, Streamline, tears down barriers between Broadcasters, Players, and Viewers to create[…]