Road to TwitchCon Qualifier Winners!

  Congratulations to the Open Qualifier winners…you’re going to TwitchCon! The Road to TwitchCon Open Qualifier rounds ended in spectacular fashion with a double header on Friday, September 16, featuring GassyMexican and CobaltStreak (and, of course, their incredible communities!). Now that all five rounds are complete, we have been able to verify each day’s winner and award them all[…]

Road to TwitchCon Day 3

Road to TwitchCon Day 3 Recap

Round 3 of the tournament saw some of the most heated Streamline matches yet! Hunter Richard_Hammer was training the night before and did not go easy on the competing Runners, but 15 of yesterday’s most elite players managed to claw their way to a sensational final match. A big congratulations to someone4956 for emerging victorious—we’ll see you at TwitchCon 2016! Final Match[…]

Road to TwitchCon Day 2 Recap

And we thought the first round was nuts…Round 2 had some epicmatches! lolRenaynay got her first taste of Streamline against some of the best players we’ve seen yet. Congratulations to FinalFlash92 for pulling out a truly wild win at the last minute during a final match that will surely be remembered. Pack your bags—you’re going to TwitchCon to compete in the[…]

Road to TwitchCon Day 1

Road to TwitchCon Day 1 Recap

The first round of the Open Qualifiers was absolutely crazy! Before we move on to Round 2 with lolRenaynay tonight (8PM EST), we want to give everyone a recap of the action from Round 2…check it out! The first Open Qualifier featured Streamline veteran, Punjistick, as the host and Hunter. Competition was heated from the start with crowd favorite, namhoh,[…]

Road to TwitchCon

Road to TwitchCon Tournament – Win a trip to San Diego and $10,000!

Proletariat and Twitch are kicking off Streamline’s first tournament! The Road to TwitchCon Tournament is a month-long competition leading to a Grand Finale at TwitchCon 2016, where the winner will take home a cool $10,000 grand prize—yes, you read that correctly! Open Qualifier Week To get things started, we’re holding a five day Open Qualifier series[…]