Streamline 2.7: New Tutorial and Challenge Modes!

Learn how to play with the new Tutorial mode! N00bz rejoice…Streamline now has a tutorial! Our master level designers have lovingly handcrafted a set of artisanal Streamline experiences that will guide new players through learning the game’s basic controls. Until now, these techniques have only been passed down by the game’s wise, old sages. Now[…]

Streamline - Bitball

Welcome to Bitball, Streamline’s First Competitive Team Mode!

Welcome to Bitball! Bitball is a new game mode that finally brings team competition gameplay to Streamline! Grab your friends (or jump into a Find Match game) and battle it out against other teams to see who will reign supreme! To get you started, here’s a quick guide to show you the ins and outs of[…]